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Sea freight

Sometimes it goes above the water

There are some cargos that are simply too heavy or too large to be transported on the roads. In this case, sea freight is an excellent alternative. We at dp LOG also offer you this transport option. On special ships we can not only transport containers, but also heavy-duty transporters.

In this way, your cargos arrive safely and on time at their destination - no matter in which country they are located.

Rely on dp LOG and the sea freight if other transport routes simply do not work or present a risk.

Why sea freight?

Similar to air cargo transport, there are no traffic-related delays to be expected for sea freight. This means that your cargos can be delivered exactly to the destination.

Why you should choose the sea freight with dp LOG?

Sea freight is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Above all, the overseas freight. At dp LOG GmbH you can rely on an advantageous sea freight service:

  • Everything arrives safely!
  • You will be kept informed about the status of your delivery!
  • We advise you in detail on sea freight!