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Overland transport

On the road we will bring your cargo to right destination

dp LOG is at home on the roads. For this reason, we can also deliver your goods to their destination. Whether in a transporter or truck - your cargo is in the best hands. Our professional staff ensures a smooth process.

In addition, we also keep you up to date and guarantee a damage-free delivery. Even heavy and very bulky goods are transported safely with us to the appropriate destination. One of the reasons why you should choose dp LOG.

Overland transport
Why overland transport?
Overland transport

The overland transport is the most popular way of transporting goods to their destination, especially in Germany. In this way, different goods are transported safely and, above all, punctually to their destination.

Why you should choose the overland transport with dp LOG?

Overland transports with dp LOG offers you a lot of advantages that you can use for the continuous business process:

  • Overland transports are fast to realize!
  • Overland transports offer a lot of flexibility!
  • Overland transports are very popular in Europe!
  • Overland transports can be used for different cargos!