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Combination of different means of transport

Sometimes a single means of transport is simply not enough. In this case, intermodal transport is very popular. At dp LOG we combine different means of transport, such as truck and ship or transporter and airfreight.

This ensures that the transport can be completed safely and on time. The optimization of the transport process through intermodal transport offers our customers a number of advantages which have a variety of effects on the economic factor.

Whether intermodal transport is also suitable for you and your company as well as your intentions can be explained to you in a short, personal discussion.

Why intermodal?

Some deliveries and transports require an interaction of different logistics possibilities. Intermodal is a common means at dp LOG to bring your cargo well to its destination.

Why you should choose intermodal with dp LOG?

At dp LOG we have not only specialized in one transport way. This offers you the advantages:

  • your delivery always arrives on time.
  • together with you we will find the appropriate logistics solution.
  • we are able to deliver your cargos flexibly and on time.
  • we are prepared for all eventualities.